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Howdy Partner!

Welcome to Jed the Mechanical Bull, We are a family-owned business that has been thrilling the community since 2009. Proudly standing as Ottawa’s only mechanical bull, we bring excitement and fun to both private and public events.


Starting as a small family venture, Jed the Mechanical Bull has grown into a beloved fixture at events across the city. Our journey began with a passion for fun and community, and over the years, we've expanded our reach, bringing joy and excitement to countless gatherings.


Community Engagement:

We are deeply committed to our community, frequently collaborating with fundraisers such as CHEO and charities to support important causes. Our partnerships with restaurant establishments help to attract more patrons, benefiting businesses both in the short and long term.


Safety and Certification:

Your safety is our top priority. We are fully licensed and TSSA certified, ensuring that our equipment and practices meet the highest safety standards. Our passionate team is dedicated to providing an amazing and safe experience for all our clients, leaving them with memories they'll cherish forever.


Thank you for considering Jed the Mechanical Bull for your next event. We are excited to bring our unique brand of fun and excitement to your celebration, making it an occasion to remember!

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